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We represent ten of the best cruise lines in the world; guaranteeing our clients an excellent, unforgettably different travel experience

Working closely with our top-quality service providers, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your cruising requirements. We are passionate about providing expert, personal service.

If you’re considering enjoying a cruise to an exotic location, Susan’s Travel has the years of personal experience in all aspects of the travel process to turn your dream into reality

And remember, wherever you choose to cruise, chances are we’ve been there. We’ve experienced the magic and are capable and willing to be the difference that makes it happen for you, too.

Cruise Destinations around the world

233 cruise destinations worldwide in 72 countries on six continents. In-depth cruise tours and one innovative fleet of ships.  We visit hundreds of ports-of-call in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations in the world. From the coasts of Alaska, Canada and England to the rivers of Europe, the lush landscapes of Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Bermuda and Bahamas.

Plus, with our shore excursions, we can take you on adventures up mountains, along fjords, over snow or on sand. Our exciting Cruise tours combine the best of exploration with the relaxation of a cruise ship.  Why not plan your next cruise vacation now? Choose a destination. And let’s get started!

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