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Corporate Travel

Whether we’re talking to a large corporate about a delegation travelling to an international conference, or a single family planning an island holiday, our philosophy remains the same; to give the client a level of personalised service that’s unprecedented.

For corporate clients, this level of service is informed by a real understanding of each business traveller’s business and personal needs – an understanding built up over years of mutual trust and respect. We listen carefully. We get to know each client’s wants and requirements, and we present solutions that are cost effective, comprehensive and customised to suit the corporate’s specific and unique requests

Our personalised services includes consulting, management and reporting, and assisting with foreign exchange, travel insurance and visas.

We are fully licensed by the Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA)

Using the latest, industry-leading technologies, together with excellent, time-proven supplier relationships, Susan’s Travel will get your company the best rates on your flights, car rentals, accommodation, security (if required), and more

Give Susan’s Travel a call and discover how seamlessly our personalised service and expert solutions can positively impact the productivity and profitability of your business. We invite you to experience the difference.